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Our Strengths:

Big warehouse capacity

Storage area of 5000 m2 with the possibility of storing 6500 tons of fruit.

We deliver fruits from polish orchards

We specialise in apples and pears.

We provide transport and distribution

We deliver goods to Poland and beyond.

We work to the highest standards

Our quality is certified and our profesionalism is confirmed by returning customers.

About us

Our family company has over three generations worth of experience in the growing, storing and distributing apples and pears.
We are located in the center of Poland in the renowned ​​orchard growing area located just 60 km southwest from Warsaw.

We specialise in supplying domestic and foreign customers with high-quality fruit. Our main customers are companies from Europe and Asia.

We can store over 6,500 tons of fruit in a controlled atmosphere using ULO and DCS technology. Annually, we sell over 6,000 tons of apples and over 2,000 tons of pears.

We focus on quality and reliability.
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Basstion Fruit

Products Range

We specialise in supplying apples and pears.

We supply the following varieties of apples:

and the following varieties of pears:

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